We are a fresh upstart grooming and boarding service. Created to make the customers lives as easy as possible. With our pick up service, your pets get picked up an your day is open for you to do what ever you see fit! We allow you to schedule online 24/7, no waiting to speak with someone in the salon, or going weeks without having your pets groomed

Pups University

Message from the Owner


Im a Professional Pet Groomer of 10 years.... I have learned precise techniques and styles of grooming from several groomers across the USA. Ive travelled from Miami Beach, to San Francisco, an have used all of the skills I've learned to bring you exceptional service. I personally pick up each pet that is scheduled and they are groomed in a calm serene environment. A bond is often made with the pets during the car ride, an ive learned it makes stressed pets warm up alot more. Considering I am currently a "One man Band" I do TRY to give the customers everything they desire, if i am unable, be sure ive given 110% to try. Ive made it possible for you to schedule your own appointment online 24/7 without the hassle of trying to contact me, as well as a list of FAQ's. If i cannot meet your satisfaction, ill even recommend other amazing groomers who may be a better fit for your pet!  

what is pups university?

Pups University is the ONLY grooming salon in the DMV to offer FREE pick up & Drop Off service